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Adventures in the Whole 30 Diet

June 19, 2017

Well, what can I say? I had wonderful intentions of keeping a great daily diary here on the blog about my journey with The Whole 30 Diet but since I started, (20 DAYS AGO!!!!), I have been so busy chopping, shopping and meal prepping in between work, volunteering and trying to be mom/wifey that I haven't had a moment's time!

This has been an eye-opening experience thus far. I initially did this to support my beautiful daughter who outlines all her reasons on her amazing blog


Being someone who pretty much does not eat meat, this is not exactly the ideal diet however I decided that for 30 days, I could make an occasional concession and eat some eggs, fish and mayyyybe some ground turkey if the urge hit me, (which it never does). However, I am so hungry at meal times that the occasional meat actually tastes good to me!

I wanted to include a few of my fave recipes so far, but here are some insights that I have to pass on at Day 20.......


1). I really, really, really, really, REAAAALLLLYYYY want some red wine!!!

2). I have wanted to go to sleep at 8pm every night

3). I have discovered that I'm not very attached to food in general, although I would consider myself a "foodie" and love nothing more than going to a wonderful restaurant or cooking a gourmet meal on the weekend...strange.

4). I could care less about sweets

5). Since I stopped eating any beans and legumes (basically my main source of protein for a veggie/vegan-ish girl), I have had ZERO bloated stomach, gas or gassy pains....TMI?

6). Some occasional meats, (I still REFUSE to go anywhere near chicken), actually don't disgust me as much as before.

7). I am satisfied eating foods without any bad carbs...don't need the bread, rice or pasta and that's OK!

8). I will probably never do this again for 30 days, but I will definitely keep incorporating this diet into our daily lives

9). I cannot wait for my first taste of pasta...Hey, I'm Italian...whaddayawant?

10). I've really enjoyed the creative process of shopping for healthy, organic foods and creating recipes.


2 of our fave "quick & yummy" go to's have come from @cookathomemom on Instagram

Both Whole 30 approved, the first is a yummy version of a classic B.L.T using Whole 30 approved Mayo, (yes, you CAN make your own and it's surprisingly easy!), and fried avocado. I didn't have coconut flour handy like the recipe calls for so I used almond flour instead and it was still super delicious and crunchy!

The second is a sandwich using a giant collard leaf instead of bread. This is SO easy and you can fill it with anything you love from the Whole 30 list, so you get to be creative. The collard leaves are easy to use, just wash them and hold them over a pot of steaming water for just about 10 seconds. You'll see this vibrant green color literally begin to spread all over the leaf. After that's done, the leaf is much easier to stuff and roll up....so fun! Thank you Laura for all your great ideas and inspiration!




I have created many a recipe but here are 2 of my faves...for now. Hopefully, I will have time to post a few more before this journey is over. We shall see....


Recipe #1 Breakfast Chia Pudding


Ingredients for the Pudding:


1 can coconut milk

1/4 cup Organic Chia Seeds


Directions for the Pudding:


Place both ingredients in an airtight container and shake, (so that the chia seeds don't get lumpy), refrigerate for at least 4 hours or make the night before...that's it!


Ingredients for the Puree:


1 Banana

1 handful fresh Blueberries OR raspberries OR strawberries OR cut up peaches OR mango

(basically whatever is floating your boat that morning)

A splash of Whole 30 approved Almond Milk


Directions for the Puree:


Place ingredients in a blender until smooth, stir into the pudding


Ingredients for Toppings:


In this recipe, (and actually most ALL of the time), my favorite toppings are Cacao Nibs and thinly sliced almonds, but as long as the toppings are Whole 30 approved, GO CRAZY People!


This next recipe came about totally by accident, and with almost all my recipes, it depends what I have on hand. You can be really creative here. I had a bunch of baked sweet potatoes that needed to be eaten, and frankly we were seriously bored of just plain sweet potatoes. So....I squeezed the pulp out of 4 of them, added 1 beaten egg, some almond flour, shredded zucchini, fresh parsley, salt, pepper and some Garam Masala (it's a spice).


I heated up a pan of Avocado Oil and when it was nice and hot, I dropped in scoops of my Sweet Potato Fritter Mixture and cooked until crispy on both sides....that was it!


We served them with a salad...they were yummy!





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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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